Progetto Integra

Software Multimarca per la progettazione di impianti elettrici in Bassa, Media Tensione e Fotovoltaici


Who is www.Exel.it?

exel-www.exel.it-1Exel S.r.l. is a leading company in the field of integrated design systems, the result of two decades of activity, driving towards a market in constant growth, making school on designing and creating computerized models of standards and has been referred to the companies that working in the field.




About my Project www.Exel.it?

www.Exel.it is my last project and web site of one of the leaders in Italian market of the integrated system for design of civil and industrial electrical systems. The site is designed and built for needs and requirements of Exel company and new technologies for its construction. You will find information about activities and products they offer on the market, and some specific information available only to the regular customers of the company.





What can you find in www.Exel.it?

The main integrated system for the design Project INTEGRA (Progetto Integra) is based on an open structure, with different modules, different sizes to be sized on the real needs of those who must use. A constantly updated database containing equipment, pipelines, busbars, carpentry different Manufactures' house completely extensible and customizable. Interface with CAD programs is most used and known, like AutoCAD from Autodesk and programs like Microsoft Word. An internal graphics engine capable of producing all the drawings directly. A very friendly system that accompanies the operator at all stages, from budgeting to the final design, providing all the information, reports by analyzing total and constant the entire plant small or large. 


exel-www.exel.it-time-editionProducts, Modules, Courses you can find on www.exel.it:

  • Electrical Design,
  • Optional Modules,
  • Versions of Project Integra (Progetto Integra) ordered online,
  • Versions of Project Integra (Progetto Integra) ordered offline,
  • Courses Project Integra (Progetto Integra),
  • Custom Training Courses,
  • Information available only for regular customers.


Thanks to the experience in the field of services, Exel S.r.l. works with the Siemens Group almost a decade, both at the software level with the implementation of the program Sienergy Integra, which a consulting level, with the direct participation in conferences held throughout Italy under the Exel company hand technical guidance / legislation.


Who is designated Project Integra?

It can be a Studio Associate, a Study of Engineering, an enterprise installation, an installer who wants to make their jobs well, a specialized or vocational school, a Head of security of an establishment, a Works Manager or a simple professional.


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