The First Of March And Martenitsas

March is generally known as the women month because the weather is said to be as moody as a women mood swings (Cold harsh winter/warm and pleasant spring).

"Chestita Baba Marta" is the way Bulgarians greet each other on this day. On this day Bulgarians are used to give each other Martenitsas.

Usually Martenitsas are made from Red and White wool threads. And only in Rhodope mountain you can find them made with lots of different colors of wool. The white is bringing the male origin, force and gold, and the red is bringing the female origin, health and fortune. Together the red and white are symbolizing health and happiness for the coming months.

In the past Martenitsas was made by grossmothers in the evening before 1st of March or early in the morning of 1st of March. On the 1st of March grossmothers put Martenitsas first in the trees per Fortune and Luckiness. Then they gave Martenitsas to the children and everybody else following from the youngest to the oldest people.

In nowadays you will see lots of stalls with Martenitsas all over the streets in all the cities and town in Bulgaria. Each year the assortment on offer gets more elaborate. Martenitsas are usually pinned to lapels or ties around firsts and worn till the first stork is seen. When you see the first stork you should get your Martenitsa and to put it in the first bough of the trees making a wish.

Martenitsa is something which people gave each other and it is a tradition not only in Bulgaria but also in Romania and Albania. In Romania Martenitsa is called Marteshot. Also there people should bring their Martenitsas all the March.

Here you could read on the best good poem about Month March and Martenitsas. For now only in Bulgarian language.




Баба Марта бързала,

мартеници вързала:

морави, зелени,

бели и червени.


Първом на гората

да листят листата.

И да дойдат всичките:

щъркелите, птичките,

първият певец,

Косер хубавец.


После на градините

да цъфтят гиргините

и латинки алени,

и божури шарени.

Ябълки да зреят,

круши да жълтеят.


А пък на дечицата

върза на ръчицата

мартеници чудни

със ресни червени,

да са ранобудни,

да растат засмени...


Here is my favorite Martenitsa Pijo & Penda: