Some other feasts with different date

There are some feasts in Bulgaria which usually have every year different day of the year. It depends from this in which date will be Easter. First two fests of the next are celebrated before Easter.


Mladenitzi (The day of the Holy Forty Martyrs)

It is believed that on this day god drives forty hot spikes into the soil and the sun turns to summer. It is time to sow and plant. Housewives should cook 40 different peppers and everyone should try to eat 40 different items on this day as a protection against measles.


Blagoveshtenie (The Annunciation)

According to the tradition this is the day when migratory birds such as storks and swallows return, marking the awakening of spring in nature. Homes are cleaned and garbage is burnt to get rid of any illnesses from the past year.


Spasovden (Ascension)

A Holiday marking the end of the Easter period (people greet each other for the last time with “Christos voskrese”) and dedicated to St. Spas the healer.


Konstantin & Elena

According to legend both Konstantin & Elena were selected by God to be his assistants, after they showed courage and faith by walking on glowing embers with bare feet. This day is celebrated by fire dancers in the Strandzha Mountain region.


Zadushnitsa (All Soul’s Day)

The graves of departed family members are visited and cared for. Plates of sweets and flowers are left on the graves.