Pobiti Kamani - The Magic Circle



Phenomena-PobitiKamani 01-10070038

Pobitite Kamani is the most unique place in Bulgaria and in the world. At about 30 years ago lots of scientists went in Bulgaria in this place to study in which way were born this strange columns and rocks there.

There were many hypotheses about it - that they were natural or built by somebody or something else but at the end scientists did non make an agreement about the place and the strange columns and rocks.


So in nowadays it is still absolutely mystery this place. In my own opinion looking at the rocks I am thinking that these columns and rocks were born under the water of the Black Sea by some Vulcan. But weather it is so or not who knows!!! I hope One day scientists will get interest of this place and will go there again to resolve the Mystery of Pobiti Kamani, The Magic Circle, Bulgaria!

The names of the rocks on my pictures were given by me!