The Magic of Etura

Etura is an ethnographic museum park below the open skies, located on the outskirts of the mountain town of Gabrovo. Its 18th-19th century crafts and lifestyle come alive before the eyes of visitors.

Etura was established during the 1960s when people woke up to the fact that the National revival arts and crafts were on the verge of disappearing. Lazar Donkov from Gabrovo was the man who collected rich documentary material, while also discovering a suitable location in a wooded area near the town with a water mill and a fuelling mill run by water diverted from the nearby river. Various other workshops were quick to spring up - for lathe-turned wooden vessels, for knives, braiding and painted carts, along with a sawmill. All are powered by water and the workshops themselves were modeled on concrete prototypes.

The mechanisms mounted in them are quite authentic - Lazar Donkov gathered them throughout the Gabrovo area.

The workshops and shops located on the opposite left bank make up the so-called arts and crafts street. The two-store houses are exact copies of the 'houses of famous old masters, with shops and workshops on the ground floor, and the living quarters above them. In this case, too, the various mechanisms, the arrangement of the workshops and the manual tools are completely authentic.

The shops sell pottery, leather items, gold, silver and copper articles, old Bulgarian music instruments, etc. The delicious sweets and pastries of old times have not been forgotten either, and the old cafe is open to visitors, The multitude of color, sound and fragrances of Etura is bound to provide you with an exciting and memorable experience.