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"The World of Mimi - Save the Earth!" was born in 2000 like a gift for me by my husband Gianpaolo Just after the beginning I added to the name of site "Friendship Overland!" and it had this name almost to the end of 2010. But now I think the priority of everybody on the World should be to "Save the Earth!". Almost at the beginning I started to manage the site and to update it with new pictures. Having a love of photography and creating beauty for the eyes with computer in 2009 a started to study "Programming and Management of Web site" with the new technologies. You can take a look at my first work during the study - the site of Alouan.


Then I changed the interface of my favorite and ever first web site:

The World of Mimi - Save the Earth!


And now you can take a look also at my new project: - Travel and Map Your Tour in Italy - Discover Know and Unknown Italy! If you are curious to know how this site was born take a look at my Portfolios.

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What else can you find here?

My Activities and beauty for the eyes and for your free spare time:

In my site I saved the First Photo Gallery of free cool original photographs from Bulgaria. Here you can find a lot of original scenic images, pictures of mountains, lakes, sea, nature, country and other natural landscapes, photos of the everyday, traditions and folklore life in Bulgaria as some information of the history and places you see in my gallery.

You could find and download also some of my panoramas, screen savers, reflections or to see my Videos from My Channel in YouTuBe.

Some more of my photos, panoramas or art photo experiments you could find in My Profile in Panoramio and soon also here in my web site.

You can download and use these free pictures to decorate your computer screen. All pictures are in jpeg format with resolution of 800x600, you can download and use them free for your computer desktop.

You can find the Free Wallpapers in the Photo Gallery while in the Most Viewed page you can see which are the most downloaded wallpapers from my photo gallery !

You could download my Free Screen Savers. It's a slide show screen saver you can use to display your own photos or the photos you download from my photo gallery. Click here to take a look at the features of gPhotoShow!

And don't forget that you can find lots of Postcards and Martenitsas in my web site! You can use also all the Pictures you see in my web site as Postcards sending to your friends!

Look for all of them up under Photo Gallery or My Works!


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All the images, screen savers, videos and others here are original and made by me.

You could freely download all the Scenic and Natural Wallpapers and others here and use in your computer desktop but not to use for any commercial needs without my permission.

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"The World of Mimi - Save the Earth!"

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