Hello World and Welcome to

"The World of Mimi - Save the Earth!"

Who I am...


 Yes my name is Mimi and I was born, grew up and studied in Bulgaria. I have University degrees of Master of Economic science and Teaching Economic sciences. I was working more than 10 years in my native country as a Financial Manager and also as a teacher of accounting. The hard life there pushed me to work in 2 and 3 different places at the same time, just for surviving.


Moving to Italy...

Getting married to Gianpaolo Bottin in 2001 I had to move to my second home in Italy. I traveled a lot last years in Europe and so why I would like to be considered as a Citizen of the Planet Earth. During these years I took lot of photos everywhere I was and I would like to share them with you. I like to take pictures and sometimes I do small experiments with my pictures but usually I try to save the natural colors of the photo.


Studying again...

Wishing to be useful and to help my family I studied here in Turin, Italy, Programming and Management of Web Sites. I had some experience with some software using for my old web site but I did not imagine how much one should know to create one really beautiful web site. Now I would say that it is impossible only for one year to know all the languages and everything about creating web sites. Luckily there is internet and one always could improve her/his knowledge. I like to create beauty with my computer and it pushing me to continue to study by myself. It is not important how old you are, it is more important the spirit and desire for new knowledge and skills you have.



Well, as you know for some global problems, caused by ignorance of somebody it is very hard to survive in our day. Being a stranger in a different country, married, with a kid, oevr 28 y.o., too much educated is the worst combination to find a work!

It is pity and all these knowledge will be lost a day without being used. In Bulgaria we have one very interesting sentence that said:

"Simple people, poor country!"

When it is convenient the keep the status of a country blinded and without knowledge, what could one do then?


Freelance Survivor?!

It is too much strong to say it for me but I like to joke with myself! :-)

Recently I even am not looking for a real payd job because m expirience showed me that nobody is even interesting to read your CV. It is not that I don't wish to work, on the opposite, I really would like to work and be useful to my family, country where I am living in, to people. But when nobody wish to give you even a small chance what to do it.


So why I pushed myself to create a new web site in my own, to be useful if not for me, at least for many people all over the world I even don't know and I will never know, to help a people to find out Italy and to find new destinations for their travels in Italy:



It is a compact site of Italy with all necessary information you can have for your Travel in Italy - Maps, Places, Sites, Historical Monuments and Building, Address, Opening Hours, How to Go to, Transports, What to See in, Advices, Events, Feasts, Legends, Stories, Recipes, you can Tell Your Stories, Accommodations, Photos, Pictures, Screen Savers, Curiosity, Basic and much more Detailed free Info - Everything for Your Private or Organized Travel in Italy.

TravelMapItaly.com is Your Free Travel Guide online and easy and comfortable to use with your small devices even when you are already in Italy.



My works online...

As whole I did only a few web sites. Today some of them are even not online but if you are interested let me know please.

Take a look at my Portfolios!







The love of Photography a day made me to discover Panoramio. You can find in my profile there some of my pictures taken in Europe.

I am also a Moderator in the Forum of Panoramio




  • My Favorite Language - Bulgarian
  • More Languages - English, Italian, Russian
  • And even More Languages - based on these 4 languages I am able to understand also other languages.


In my spare time...

I like to go fishing a lot, I love movies by Rex Hunt, I like to read books, listen to music, to make cross stitch works, to watch to documentary about adventures all over the world, to travel a lot, to make a lot of pictures, to make some experiments with my photos and technique of photography, to publish some of my pictures and works online.



  • I am taking care of my web site. I am full with ideas and I am missing a time to realize everything.
  • I am looking for a job as a Graphic & Web Designer. Ohhh, it seems mission impossible in Italy, being a woman, married, mother and not so young.;-) Sorry, this is a realty here.

So if you need a Graphic and Web Designer to create a web site, templates, graphics, logos or any other similar works, please contact me




"The World of Mimi - Save the Earth!"



"The World of Mimi"  was  born  in  2000  like  a  gift  for  me  by  my  husband
Gianpaolo Bottinwww.bottin.com Later the site was managed and updated by me.



At the beginning the main priority of my site was to show to all in the world where Bulgaria is and what alike it is. Before not but in our days internet is full with photography from everywhere. But this does not stop me to put photos in internet only with a good quality and pictures that show something particular to my visitors, not at the end also I like to put some information about the photos and places I show.


In my web site you will learn something about my country Bulgaria, everyday life, Bulgarian folklore, you will see also some photos taken in my native country by my husband and me.


Here I would like to thanks to my husband Gianpaolo Bottin who took lots of the pictures here and who helped me with his useful suggestion about creating the new interface of www.mimipet.com


If you want to know more about him go to http://www.bottin.com


Not at the end visit also the second web site of my husband www.gphotoshow.com There you could find and download gPhotoShow – Screen Saver Program for you your computer Desktop and some other small programs.



If you like this web site and want to tell me your opinion, please go here