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Known and Unknown Italy

"What is Italy?

Italy is just a piece of the Earth, just open your eyes and admire!"

by Mimi

How www.TravelMapItaly.com was born?

TravelMapItaly.com-Banner-110x110TravelMapItaly is my current project. If you already read a little about me you know that I studied "Programming and Management of Web site" here in Italy. But in our days being a woman, married, mother and over 28 years old here in Italy, it is the worst combination for you if you are looking for job. Neither my Two University Degrees, neither my additional professional study in Italy helped me to find any job here.

But the better thing one could do is never to lose a hope in the future and to fight TO BE!

Just TO BE, nothing else!

So it was clear for me, I will never find a job here! Sorry to say but this is the reality here!

And I started to think about what can I do over all and to work something...

Well, do you have a favorite place where to stay alone and to think about your works, about your future?

Now don't smile please, because you are in a point to read that my favorite place is

Under the Shower - yes, this is my favorite "pensatoio", the place where all my ideas are born! :-)

So the day after I did some research and  www.travelmapitaly.com  was born!


What is TravelMapItaly.com?

TravelMapItaly is a web site with any kind of information that can helps you to find a new destination for your travel in Italy, to organize you own trip or simply to read some info about the places you can visit in Italy.

Moreover you can find immediately the place and see it in the Map, to experienced Advices, to see the photos of the place and even more and more useful information. Once in a time you can find there new and new destinations and to start to Discover not only Known but also Unknown Italy!


TravelMapItaly will never stop to surprise you how much Big and Unknown Italy is!




What can you find in TravelMapItaly.com?

  • Main and Most Visited Destinations in Italy,
  • Known and Unknown Places in Italy,
  • Where to go to?,
  • What to see in?,
  • Historical Monuments and Buildings,
  • General and detailed info,
  • How to go to?, transports,
  • Addresses,
  • Opened hours,
  • Maps,
  • Advices,
  • Curiosity,
  • Feasts and Events,
  • Recipes and more,
  • Accommodations,
  • Share your story,
  • Photos.


TravelMapItaly.com during the years


The First View of TravelMapItaly.com - 2010


New Design of TravelMapItaly.com - 2014



Visit TravelMapItaly.com, Find your favorite place in Italy and Discover Known and Unknown Italy!




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