Ledenika Cave


LedenicaCave-PICT2922The Ledenika cave is situated in the Northwest part of the Stresherski Balkan in the Vratsa Mountain as a part of Stara Planina mountain. Before going up to the Mountain you pass  beautiful road narrow between the high rocks that are used from alpinists.

Its entrance is at the lowest part of the Ledenika land at 830 m above sea level.

The first chamber is the Predverieto (Antechamber). It is the lowest part of the cave. In the winter and in the spring this chamber enchanting with its crystal icicle decoration. That gave the name of the cave.

For several meters a man should lower down while moving in the pass Plaznyata (Sliding) to reach the Little Hall, which is round-shaped. There is another narrowing after that and you enter the Big Hall called the Concert Chamber. Everything is majestic and unique here. You can see the Crocodile, the Giant’s Head, the Falcon, the Father Christmas with the sack full of presents. If you go on the right you could reach the little Sinter Lake. Its depth is 50 cm and it is believed that its water is magical. From the Big Chamber you are going along metal bridges and pass over the Little and the Big Chasms through the corridor Zaveskite (Draperies) and you come to the beautiful White Chamber. Here you can see the Mother-in-law’s tongue, the Wife of the Giant, the Elephant, the Bathing Girl and many other figures.

The highest point of the Ledenika cave is called the Seventh Sky and it is within the capacity of the most ambitious tourists.

The Ledenika cave was opened for tourists first time in 1961. In 1962 it was proclaimed for a Natural Landmark.

The temperature in the cave varies from – 7° C to 15° C (in the winter in the Antechamber) and to 8° C in the inner parts. The moisture of the air is 92 %.

The animal variety can not be rich in these conditions: bats, cave beetles, wood lice, little spiders. You can see only here the insect “Ledenikus” or “Lighthater”. You cannot see many plants here, just lichen and moss.

The Ledenika cave is open all the year round and there are guides who can take you there.

The Ledenika hut is near the cave. It has 48 beds, a tourist kitchen and a restaurant for 50 people.