Nova Zagora - The City of Archeological Sites
My native city

Nova Zagora is the city I was born and grew up. So why it is first in the list here in my web site. It is situated in a place reach with history and remains that are waiting to be discovered.

Nova Zagora is a small and nice quiet city in Thracian Valley (Trakijska Nizina) where you can really live quite in our days. People are friendly and hospitality there.

Nova Zagora is situated between Stara Zagora and Sliven, on the crossroad from Sofia to the Black Sea and from the Nearest East to the West Europe. It is at about 120 km far from the Black Sea and at about 260 km far from Sofia.

Just nearby the city there are many lakes - Jrebchevo, TEZ, some other small lakes and Tundja River, where you can go and really fishing. Jrebchevo Lake (Iazovir Jrebchevo) is situated in the lower part of Middle Forest (Sredna Gora) - another one nice place for holidays.

Do not miss to visit Historical Museum of Nova Zagora where you can see lots of interesting objects. There are many Archeological Sites all around Nova Zagora where archeologists still should work hard to find the remains of very old times. The most big place of them is Karanovo where were found lots of interesting objects. Other places are Diadovo, Pet Mogili and many other small hillocks.