Bulgarian Folklore & Life

On this page you will learn something about Bulgarian Folklore & Life. There are lots of things to see and know. With the time I will try to find new things about Bulgarian folklore, Bulgarian celebrations and feasts, Bulgarian food, recipe for food, style of living and other and to publish here. So why, dear friend, come and check my web site from time to time.

In some photos about Bulgarian Folklore you can see some typical Bulgarian garments used 100 years before. Sit  for photos Rosa and Jordan Vlashki. You can see also some typical effects of the old Bulgarian style of living. These effects in nowadays are almost disappeared and you can see them mostly in museums or to buy them like souvenirs.

In photos about typical Bulgarian food I will try to add always new things and also to look and add new recipes. In one of the photos you will see a Flat Round Loaf prepared by my mom Nelly. A flat round loaf is prepared by hands usually for celebrations and feast but not only.

In the directory of Life you can see the Easter eggs, which Bulgarians are used to prepare for Easter. In the photos you can see Easter Eggs and again Eggs, prepared by me. You will find also some tipical Easter sweeties there.

In Christmas Bulgarians are used to slaughter pigs and then to have a fresh meat for holidays. In one of the photos you will see this feast.

My hobby is to go fishing and I like it a lot. In one of the photos you will see me with my father Peter and his friend.


Enjoy my photos of Bulgarian Folklore & Life!