Monasteries in Bulgaria

The hard life and style of living of Bulgarians was not able to break his faith and Bulgarian Monasteries have always been as shelter and comfort of the soul of Bulgarians from the old times. As it is used to say "Monasteries saved the soul of Bulgarians!"

Some of the most old monasteries like Aladja Monastery, Ivanovo Monastery & Basarbovski Monastery were directly earthwork in the rocks. Some of them were built in the mountains far from the villages and later they were built everywhere in the country.

How may Monasteries there are in Bulgaria?

I could not give you the right answer. Somebody say they are 164, somebody else said they are over 170.

Preparing this page I found some sites with some interesting information about some monastery in Bulgaria I have never heart even, and moreover some of them were lost like monastery many, many years ago that even nobody remembers and knows their names.

Does somebody know everything about his native country and saw all, about the faith that his native population saved for centuries.

I think it is impossible...

Well lets I shown you now with my pictures some of the monasteries in Bulgaria. Hope a days to see more and more of them and to share my pictures with you.