Photography, Крамоли

posticon Wild Life: Battles in Gran Paradiso

Wild Life: Battles in Gran Paradiso, Piedmont, Italy

Why so Alpine Ibex battles between them even it is not a breeding season?
Take a look to find the answer!


More about Alpine Ibex (Stambecci):



posticon Natural Music from the Alps

Natural Music from the Alps

This is my second video, realized in more than 2000 m high in the Alps nearby Lac du Mont Cenis, France. It is something that you can see really very rare just when the cows are going for the summer in the mountain. The music of their rings are really incredible and you could feel it only if you are there. Now enjoy the small video I offer you here:



posticon Christmas 2010, Torino

Christmas Mood, Коледно Настроение,

Spirito Natalizio, 2010, Torino, Italy

  • Честито Рождество Христово и Щастлива Нова Година на Всички Мои Приятели и Всички онези, които ще се спрат тук! Не забравяйте да кликнете на линка тук долу за да видите моя специално приготвен за всички Вас Музикален Поздрав – Коледно настроение, заснет по улиците на Торино тези дни!
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New 2011 Year to All My Friends and All of You who will stop here these days! Don't forget to click on the link here down to see my Musical Greeting to You – Christmas Mood, made on the streets of Torino these days!
  • Buon Natale e Felicе Anno Nuovo 2011 a Tutti i Miei Amici e Tutti Gli Altri che si fermeranno qua! Non dimenticate di Cliccare link qua sotto per vedere il mio Augurio Musicale - Spirito Natalizio, fatto questi giorni sulle strade di Torino.



Весели Празници! Have a nice Holidays! Buone Vakanze!


posticon The World of Mimi - Friendship Overland! - Beautiful Pictures & Music by Boris Potskov

The World of Mimi - Friendship Overland!

Pictures from & the Beautiful Music of my friend Boris Potskov

This video was first realized with the pictures from my web site by my friend Boris Potskov with his beautiful music during the slides. Later I put over some writings. Lissen to it and don't forget to visit the Music of Boris Potskov!



posticon La Mia Val di Susa, Videos in YouTube

La Mia Vall di Susa

This is my first video I realized occasionally being in Sacra Michele Monastery in Piedmont, Italy.
Sacra Michele Monastery is situated in 1000 m high in the beginning of the Alps nearby Turin. Being there with this nice music was really a special gift for me that I would like to share with you here now: