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Once in a time I will start to present you pictures I made in Bulgaria and countries in Europe I already visited.

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Diado Yotso Gleda Photo Gallery




More of my pictures you can find here:


Mimi's First Photo Gallery

There is still saved my Old and First Photo Gallery with the pictures made in my native country Bulgaria. Some of these pictures are already historical because everything is changing on some places. Some of the pictures in this gallery are made in the times when there still was not digital photo cameras.You can find many Free Wallpapers there and use freely in your computer desktop.

The World of Mimi - Friendship Overland!



The World of Mimi - Save the Earth!

Some of my New Galleries, speaking about Save the Earth! you can find here:

The World of Mimi - Save the Earth!


New Panoramas in Full Screen

Some of my pictures in Full Screen you can find also in my Panoramas. Some of them are made in Bulgaria and other in the countries in Europe.

New Panoramas in Full Screen




All the images, panoramas, screen savers, videos and others here are original and made by me.

You could freely download all the Scenic and Natural Wallpapers and others here and use in your computer desktop but not to use for any commercial needs without my permission.

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