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About Diado Yotso Photo Gallery

Diado-Yotso-www.mimipet.com-1The main reason that this Gallery was born is Boris Krastev, who fisrt made me to see the Monument of Diado Yotso. Thanks to him in the Summer of 2012 I visited the area of Iskar Gorge and made this beautiful pictures.

"Diado Yotso Gleda" in direct translation means "Grandfather Yotso is watching". It is one very old story about an old man, called Diado Yotso, in Bulgarian, who was living in this place. At the end of his life he left his eyes but although every day he went out on the high rock in the Mountain there and greeted the train and people with his hat. He Greeted "New Bulgaria" and the hope of the best in the new day!

The Story of Diado Yotso was written by Ivan Vazov. He was of the first and largest Bulgarian writer, who wrote many important books, novels, poetry and others more than a century ago wrote a short story "Diado Yotso Gleda", 1901. Diado Yotso is immortalized by the natives of Iskar Gorge on the first picture you see here. Authors of the Monument are sculptors George Tishkov and Monica Igarenska.

The area of Iskar Gorge is really amazing to see. Picturesque rocks look over you from all directions, the landscape is impressive!

Here you will find also an very old and nice small monastery called Tcherepishki Monastery.

The way to go there could be not from the best one but recently they are working on it to improve.

I wish you all of you when you go to Bulgaria a day to take this way to pass through the Stara Planina Mountain, enjoy the beauty and to stop for a while to See the World with the Eyes of Diado Yotso!


За Дядо Йоцо на Български


В сайта има създадена рубрика единствено и само на Български език, наречена Крамоли.

Там може да научите повече какво са Крамолите на Мими.


А за по-любопитните, които искат да разберат дали наистина е живял Дядо Йоцо и още малко информация ще намерите тук:

Крамол N 1 - Дядо Йоцо Гледа


Who was Diado Yotso?


The story of Diado Yotso and Who was he you can find in:

Kramol N 1 - Дядо Йоцо Гледа

This page is only in Bulgarian Language. If you are curious to know more, use Google Translate on the site right up!


Where is the Monument of Diado Yotso?



The Monument of Diado Yotso is located in the picturesque Iskar Gorge, nearby the villade Ochildol, on the way to Mezdra, Bulgaria.

Check here on my picture in Panoramio where exactly is the Monument of Diado Yotso. There is also a beautiful restaurant where you can taste the real Bulgarian Kitchen.


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Photo Gallery of Diado Yotso



Check very soon for the pictures in this gallery!


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