Save the Earth!



There is always one eye that is watching you!


It is a long time I am thinking to start to present different aspects of the Global Earth problem of "Saving the Earth"!


And not only the Earth, entire Planet Earth, its Flora & Fauna needs to be saved for our born and unborn children!

Sometimes I ask myself:

Do we really wish to Save the Earth!?




Or we are just interested of making more and more money, of making somebody more and more reach and others more and more poor. And we don't see that in our force to satisfy our savage interests we destroy everything all around!




Well, I will continue this page as soon as I can.

By the time I will try to present you in My New Photo Galleries some aspects of what I understand to Save the Earth!

Take a look of what I think is wrong and what we All could do to

Protect and Save our Flora, Fauna & the Global Earth!


New Photo Galleries:


1. Alpine Ibex Gallery (Stambecco)

2. Marmotta - The Photographer in My Eyes





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